SAPTA Yearly Scholarships

All students of current SAPTA members are eligible. A special award ceremony and recital is held each year in November for winners and the runner-up.

Awards are given for:

  • practical exams
  • theory
  • advanced harmony and history
  • other instruments

Online Scholarship Application

If you are unable to upload your students marks through the application, please submit directly to: 


Practical Exams: Marks must be 80% or higher for all grades, RCM or CC

Theory: marks must be 90% or higher to apply

RCM Toronto Conservatory Level 6, 7 and 8

Conservatory Canada 1, 2, and 3

Advanced Theory: Marks must be 80% or higher

Grade 9 Harmony, Grade 10 Harmony and Counterpoint, ARCT Harmony and Counterpoint and ARCT Analysis

Advanced History: Marks must be 80% or higher

History Grade 9, 10 and ARTC

Practical & Theory winners and runner ups are encouraged to play at the scholarship recital. At that time, presentation of scholarships will also be made.

Scholarship applications are due for November 4th.

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